Best Hexagonal Coconut Charcoal Briquette

Best Hexagonal Coconut Charcoal Briquette

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Charcoal briquettes great for BBQ,Shabu Shabu. long lasting burn & smokeless made from 100%

Coconut shell charcoal It’s burning time 3 hrs. Qualification of Barbecue charcoal briquettes 100% original coconut shell smokeless, odorless, easy ignition , no chemical matters


Best Barbecue charcoal briquettes.

- No significant eruption is generally little ash wood.

-NO Smoke, NO Odour and NO Sparks

- Safe, no residue. It is made from natural materials.

- To heat evenly.

- Longer than ordinary charcoal.

-100% Normal : Absolutely no Chemical Additives as well as Binders

-Beneficial to our environment

-Continues in excess of 3 Time

-Maintains Higher Burning Temperatures



Our manufacturer and exporter of charcoal in Thailand.
We are a manufacturer of export quality standards . we share a focus on quality. So that our customers can have the best product with the product . Cheap Price cost . For this reason , we have received, and trust as well. Of customers in foreign countries such as Japan, Korea , Canada, UAE and Europe.
MOQ. Order 1x40HQ” can put in 25-26 MT.

Payment Term: T/T 50% deposits to company bank account the balance 50% T/T before loading day.


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