Coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal

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coconut shellcoconut shell



Our manufacturer and exporter of charcoal in Thailand.
We are a manufacturer of export quality standards . we share a focus on quality. So that our customers can have the best product with the product . Cheap Price cost . For this reason , we have received, and trust as well. Of customers in foreign countries such as Japan, Korea , Canada, UAE and Europe.

coconut shell charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal Natural Size Premium quality for any kind of need, especially active carbon industry. Siam Chatchawan Carbon the best factory Coconut Shell Charcoal from Thailand, and we maintain the best quality at the most competitive pricing. We produced Coconut Shell Charcoal from 100% coconut shell with out mixing with other wood . We strong believed in premium quality of our Coconut Shell Charcoal We offer the best quality Coconut Shell Charcoal and we are exporting to Australia, Korea, Japan, China,Middle east.

coconut shell charcoal

coconut shell charcoal

coconut shell charcoal

coconut shell charcoalcoconut shell charcoal 12



MOQ. Order 1x40HQ” can put in 25-26 MT.

Payment Term: T/T 50% deposits to company bank account the balance 50% T/T before loading day.

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