欢迎来自中国的卖家。 我们是批发天然乳胶枕头。Thailand latex乳胶枕

欢迎来自中国的卖家。 我们是批发天然乳胶枕头。Thailand latex乳胶枕

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批发纯天然乳胶枕头, thai latex乳胶枕.

欢迎来自中国的卖家。 我们是批发天然乳胶枕头。thai latex乳胶枕


天然乳胶 物理发泡 除了贵 没有缺点

latex pillow from Thailand

适用人群: 成人重量: 1.20kg
品牌: Premium OEM 100% natural latex pillow from Thailand
产品等级: 一等品
天然泰国乳胶枕头 高低护颈枕 Natural Thai latex pillow high and low protection neck pillow
建议零售价 ¥282

¥160 500个
¥155 501~999个
¥149 ≥1000个


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Premium OEM 100% natural latex pillow from Thailand
Organic latex contour neck pillow is made from eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers.the rubber pillow from 100% natural latex which does not cause allergies. Our Latex pillow is made from 100% natural sap derived from rubber trees. It is breathable and hygroscopic. Latex is known for its unique soft touch & high elasticity, which conforms to your body shape, relieving pressure on the spine. The traditional shape of the latex pillow is conducive to deep and comfortable sleep. Therefore, natural latex pillows are re-known internationally as the “King of pillows”.

Product features:
*100% pure natural latex product
*Natural and sustainable, pollution free.
*Chemical free, anti dust mite, antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic.
*Corrects posture
*Good for cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, can lower blood pressure
*Good elasticity which provides optimal support of your head and neck area
*Design to promote good sleep
*Can reduce snoring, suitable for asthmatic patients
*Can reduce electrostatic energy
*Honeycomb structure, has good breathability, dissipates heat from the body
*Single-shot shaping by high-tech formulas, durable and holds it’s shape for many years.

Latex pillows are made from natural latex foaming with a high-tech process. Generally, there are two types of processing methods: TALALAY & DUNLOP.
TALALAY Method: mixing, injection molding, vacuuming (injecting CO2), freezing, vulcanizing, washing, and drying.
DUNLOP Method: mixing, foaming, injection molding, vulcanizing, washing and drying.
Basically, the TALALAY method uses physical foaming (vacuuming), while the DUNLOP method uses chemical foaming. The main difference being that one is foaming after injection molding, while the other is injection molding after foaming.

The TALALAY method has a higher cost and higher degree of difficulty than the DUNLOP method. Latex foam formed from the TALALAY method has an open-pore structure, while latex foam from the DUNLOP method is of a closed-pore structure. Latex pillows made from the TALALAY method has better elasticity and breathability, but involves a more complex process and higher cost.
Organic latex contour neck pillow is made from eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers. organic growth, Latex core made from Organic Latex Standards in Thailand and Covering is made from organic fabric certified by Global Organic Textiles Standards. Complete Organic material package for health benefits.

MOQ 500 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month


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