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        SC Carbon Limited partnership, more than 20 years experience . with the idea to produce alternative fuels from natural materials . Which does not cause harm to the consumer.

Customers confidence in quality with reasonable price as well.

We are of the leading charcoal supplier in Thailand and We are a successful exporter for charcoal products, The major products are Coconut shell charcoal , Mangrove charcoal and Hardwood charcoal.

SC CARBON, We welcome people from all over the world , guidance and business communication. We strongly believe that if our customers have good support from seller, they will have ability to increase sales volumes which turn into more purchases.

SC Carbon Limited partnership

This application has also enhanced our ability to provide superb quality charcoal to customers with reasonable price in appropriate timing.Consequently, it could ensure our customers the competency in fast-paced domestic market.With our long-term experience and success in domestic market, we are confident that we know our charcoal very well. Our knowledge has been shared among our staffs to guarantee the same high quality standard and practices for every order.

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